veterinary services

Additional Appointment Costs
There may be an additional charges for extended travel based on the time and distance from the veterinarian, holidays, pets over 100 lbs, appointments outside normal business hours or aggressive pets.

Hospice Care Consult

Hospice Care Consult

Our hospice-certified veterinarian will take a full history of your pet’s condition and medical/emotional needs. She will also evaluate your goals in comfort care and beliefs around end of life care.

There will be a full assessment of your pet’s current needs and discussion around his or her future needs. From this assessment and discussion, we will develop a plan tailored to both you and your pet.

What to Expect

  • This initial appointment will last approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Consultation fee is $550—additional medication/supply and appointment costs may apply.
  • Includes email follow up to answer any additional question or address new needs for 30 days following consultation
Quality of Life Assessment

Quality of Life Assessment

Quality of Life assessments are meant to:

  • Help assess your pet’s current level of pain, quality of life, and if more options are available
  • Help understand what is happening to your pet
  • Help determine when to make the decision of euthanasia and share how to best plan for the timing of it
  • Help prepare letting go and guide with what to expect during the euthanasia process
  • Share how to help other pets or children in the home prepare for loss
  • Offer additional guidance to help improve quality of life, such as tips for giving medications, how to encourage eating, and environmental changes to further support your pet

What to Expect

  • This assessment appointment will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Assessment fee is $425—additional medication/supply and appointment costs may apply.
  • Quality of Life assessments do not include development of a hospice plan nor follow-up after the appointment.
  • Upgrade to hospice following Assessment is an additional $250
In Home Follow-Up Consults

In Home Follow-Up Consults

Any new problems that require follow up examination and re-evaluation in the home.

What to Expect

  • This appointment should last approximately 1-2 hours and includes any new modifications to the treatment plan that can’t be handled via email communication.
  • Consultation fee is $425 per visit with additional medication/supply and appointment costs as necessary.
In Home Euthanasia

In Home Euthanasia

Includes a brief assessment and consult with veterinarian, medications for sedation/comfort and peaceful transition.

Information on pet loss and grief support will be provided. Arrangements for your pets remains can be made as an additional service. Aftercare Services and pricing are listed in its own section below.

Service Fee – $425 (weekdays) / $500 (weekends)

Aftercare Services

Aftercare service is an additional cost to our In Home Euthanasia service. Aftercare only appointments will incur a travel fee for pickup based upon location and have limited availability.

We will arrange to have your pet individually cremated. This service includes (if desired) one ink and one clay paw print and a fur clipping that are returned along with the ashes in your choice of a selection of included or upgraded urns.
Everything will be returned to a nearby clinic for pickup at no additional charge. Alternatively, they can be mailed directly to you (signature required) or delivered to you directly for an additional cost.

  • Pets up to 20 pounds –$310
  • Pets 21 to 45 pounds –$330
  • Pets 46 – 75 pounds –$350
  • Pets 76 – 100 pounds –$370
  • Pets 101 – 150 pounds –$400
  • Pets 151 pounds or more – $445

We will arrange to have your pet cremated and the cremated remains will be scattered by the crematory.

  • Pets up to 20 pounds –$165
  • Pets 21 to 45 pounds – $180
  • Pets 46 – 75 pounds – $215
  • Pets 76 – 100 pounds – $240
  • Pets 101 – 150 pounds – $265
  • Pets 151 pounds or more – $295

Personalized Urns
Individual aftercare services include a standard vessel. More personalized urns and wooden boxes are available at an additional cost.

Private Cremations
Private cremation is an available option, upon request. Please inquire about costs.

Memorial Service Offerings
If you are interested in memorial service offerings, we will provide you with information to make those arrangements.